Asbestos analytical - Air Testing

Airborne fibre monitoring and clearance testing


Whenever you under taken any work with a material that contains asbestos or after an incident involving and accidental disturbance air monitoring within the effected area can provide reassurance that the space is safe for occupation.

Where any "licensable" asbestos works have been carried out  a four stage clearance (4SC) inspection will have to be under taken on the work area and a certificate of Re-Occupation obtained prior to the area being returned to normal use.

How We can help.

Leftfield Environmental analysts are all highly experienced in the field and have over 40 years of accumulated knowledge and experience gained from working on a wide variety of sites, ranging from housing, public buildings and offices through to heavy industrial sites. We are fully insured for all asbestos related on-site analytical and testing activities and activities are conducted in full accordance with HSE publication Health and Safety Guidance HSG248 "Asbestos: The analysts' guide for sampling, analysis and clearance procedures " and our in house procedures, accredited to ISO 17025:2005 (UKAS 4707) ensuring clients receive the highest quality standards.


types of monitoring.

  •  Clearance Testing - Four stage clearance procedure under taken after any work on either asbestos coating, asbestos insulation and asbestos insulating board. 
  • Reassurance - Static air sampling under taken to show airborne fibre levels within an area
  • Background - Static air sampling within an area prior to under taking of any work with asbestos to indicate ambient fibre levels.
  • Leak - Static air sample taken around "live" asbestos work area to check for a loss of containment.
  • Personal - Under taken to provide exposure data for an individual operative to allow monitoring of control procedures and to calculate individual exposure assessments.