The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 requires that employers, or the self-employed, ensure that anyone liable to disturb asbestos during their work, or who supervises such employees, receives the correct level of information, instruction and training to enable them to carry out their work safely and competently and without risk to themselves or others  In practice this training can take many forms and cover a wide range of knowledge and practical instruction.


Leftfield Environmental currently provides the following training and assessment services:

  • Asbestos Awareness - CITB approved course
  • Non-Licenced Task Training - In accordance with HSG210
  • Operative - Both new starter and refresher
  • Supervisor - Both new and refresher
  • BOHS P modules
  • BOHS P module practical assessment

Our tutors are also able to specifically tailor courses to more accurately reflect the true day to day needs of the client 

Details of upcoming open courses can be found on our facebook page.

Asbestos Training


CITB training levy

Are you an employer in a CITB registered organisation, if so Leftfield Environmental's training department is now an approved organisation for the delivery of Asbestos Awareness training and P402 courses which allow you to claim back partial course costs.  Both Asbestos awareness and P402 courses are classed as tier 1 for reimbursement purposes

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Asbestos training services

Leftfield Environmental training providers are all highly experienced in the field and have over 40 years of accumulated knowledge and practical experience gained from working on a wide variety of sites, ranging from housing, public buildings and offices through to heavy industrial sites.

Courses can be arranged at our bespoke training centre or delivered at the clients premises as required, 

BOHS Courses.

Leftfield Environmental is an approved training provider for the BOHS and is able to offer the following courses, expertly delivered by our highly experienced trainers who have many years of experience working at all levels within the industry.

  • P401 -  Identification of asbestos in bulk samples through the use of polarized light microscopy (PLM).
  • P402 - Surveying and sampling strategies for asbestos in buildings. 
  • P403 - Asbestos fibre counting through the use of phase contrast microscopy (PCM) including sampling strategies.
  • P404 - Air sampling and clearance testing of asbestos.
  • P405 - Management of asbestos in buildings. 
  • P407 - Managing asbestos in premises, the duty holder requirements.
  • W504 - Asbestos and other Fibres (replaces S301)

Syllabuses for all BOHS courses are available here